Copyright Policy


All of my images have my blog domain attribution on them.  If an image does not have a tag, it can be attributed to one of these great sites.

Eventually, all of the images on my site will be ones that I have taken of my artwork or that I have created in an image editing software (or both).

I offer my images under Creative Commons Zero. This means you can freely use my pictures for personal or commercial projects as long as the attribution to my blog remains on the image or an attribution is made in some other way.

The only other limitations I have are that you can’t use any of my images for pornographic, criminal, defamatory or degrading purposes, you can’t use or redistribute my images on free stock photo websites or apps, and you can’t sell and/or redistribute my pictures as your own.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


I would love it if you shared or quoted my posts.  Just remember the citation/attribution to my blog!

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