About Stephanie

The beautiful St. Louis ArchI’m a civil engineer, a novice artist, and an individual that enjoys making others laugh.  I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and spent the latter half of my childhood growing up in a small farm town in Illinois.  My engineering career has allowed me to work on projects in five major cities and three countries.  I currently reside in Brisbane, Australia[1].

This blog includes all of my personal insights on subjects ranging from physics to art, yoga, life’s lessons and really – anything that is funny.

I hope to learn from my followers, too. I’m always looking for new topics for this blog.  If you have something you want me to write about or something you think I might want to post, please email me!

The full story of how this blog was developed can be found here.

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Naked Women checks facebook.

Naked Women checks facebook.

I would like to thank the following people who helped me with this site:

♥ My editor and good friend, Melissa, who is forced to read everything I write before it goes up- one of the many downfalls of being a friend of a blogger.  If you would like to use Melissa’s editing skills, checkout her profile here.

♥ “The Chief”, who wouldn’t let me default to my natural disposition of laziness and complacency when coming up with a domain name.  Thank you for taking the time to brainstorm names that eventually led to “the art of being civil”.

♥ To my friends and family for laughing at my stupid jokes that sometimes come out as sarcasm.

♥ To my mom who suggested I should be writer.  Get the full story here.

[1] In the development of this website, I debated at length whether to use the American English spelling or Australian/British English spelling.  I chose American on the basis that most Australians and Brits recognize there is a difference, whereas most Americans have no idea one exists.  I was worried my family and friends would think that I’m a bad speller, only reinforcing that engineers are bad spellers. Plus, no matter how long I live overseas, I will always be American at heart ♥.